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We provide a wide range of services and clinics for patients at our practice.

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Ring our main switchboard number on (0191) 264 1014 or call at reception to book an appointment. If you need to cancel an appointment please inform us with as much ... [continue] Appointments


Antenatal If you become pregnant, your GP will refer you to see our Midwife for a ‘booking-in appointment’, at which you will be asked a few questions and have some ... [continue] Clinics

Hearing aid batteries

The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals are no longer supplying hearing aid batteries to GP practices. Patients are to contact the batteries and hearing aid repair service on 0191 223 1043 ... [continue] Hearing aid batteries

Home visits

Home visits are reserved for patients who are house-bound or have serious illness and are too poorly to attend the Practice.  Please ring (0191) 264 1014 before 10:30 a.m. to ... [continue] Home visits

NHS health information

There is plenty of information to help you manage your health on the NHS Choices website. These buttons will take you to different sections of NHS Choices and you can ... [continue] NHS health information

Non-NHS services

The NHS does not pay for some of the services we provide. These include private blood tests, private sick notes, insurance forms, holiday cancellation forms, medical reports, fitness to travel ... [continue] Non-NHS services

Repeat dispensing scheme

What is repeat dispensing? It’s a new way of getting your medicines without asking your doctor for a prescription each time. Do I have to use the same pharmacy? Yes, ... [continue] Repeat dispensing scheme

Repeat prescriptions

If you take medication on a long-term basis, you can order your repeat prescription on-line at  or by telephone between 10.00-11.00 and 14.00-15.00 on (0191) 264 1014.   Your ... [continue] Repeat prescriptions

Self care

Helping yourself – Antibiotics, Mental Health Services & Local Pharmacies Antibiotics Each year 25% of the population visit their GP for a respiratory tract infection (eg sinus, throat or chest ... [continue] Self care

Sick certificates / “Fit notes”

Sick leave   Less than 7 days It is not necessary to obtain a fit note (“sick note”) from a GP unless you have been absent from work for more ... [continue] Sick certificates / “Fit notes”

Termination of Pregnancy

Termination of Pregnancy Direct Appointment Line Call this service (operated by The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust) if you are pregnant and would like to arrange an appointment ... [continue] Termination of Pregnancy

Test results

In view of the large number of results we deal with, it is the patient’s responsibility to request the results of any investigations that have been requested by the Practice. ... [continue] Test results

Who should I see?

We try to keep our GP appointments for patients with more serious health problems. Before you book an appointment to see a doctor please consider whether an appointment with a ... [continue] Who should I see?