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Sick certificates / “Fit notes”

Sick leave


Less than 7 days

It is not necessary to obtain a fit note (“sick note”) from a GP unless you have been absent from work for more than 7 days in a row.  This includes non-working days and bank holidays.


If you are off work for 7 days or less and need to claim sick pay from your employer complete a self-certificate form (form SC2).  You can download the SC2 from “Our Services” section.


More than 7 days

Once you have been off sick for more than 7 days in a row you can obtain a fit note (“sick note”) from your GP.  This can often be done by completing an eConsultation. Or if it is a continuing problem, a telephone consultation with the GP who saw you previously for the condition, again there may be no need for you to be seen in person.


If you have been in Hospital, a fit note (“sick note”) can be issued by the Hospital Doctor or by completing an e-Consultation or telephone consultation with your own GP, who will have been informed by the Hospital of your visit. It is not normally necessary for the GP to see you in person.  If you have not been seen by a GP before for the current problem and it is not a continuing condition it may be necessary for you to speak to a GP. This can be arranged by a telephone consultation.