Throckley Primary Care

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Medical education

Throckley Primary Care is a ‘training practice’.  This means hospital doctors wanting to enter general practice spend six months with us in order to gain the experience they need to become family doctors.  As a training practice, your medical records may be used for educational purposes.  If you object to this, we ask patients registering with us to sign an ‘opt out’ form refusing permission for their records to be used in this way.

You may meet medical students (and other health professionals in training) who are often attached to the practice.  If the doctor will have students present during the consultation you will be informed of this at the time of booking.  If you would prefer not to see the students please inform the receptionist and an alternative appointment will be given.

We are always keen to recruit patients who are happy to meet the students to talk about their illness experience; if you would be keen to do this please let us know.

All telephone calls (incoming and outgoing) are recorded for training and quality purposes.